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Special Issues are collections of articles that typically concentrates on a hot topical research area falling within the scope of the journal, and tends to attract quality articles on the research topic suggested by the Lead Guest Editor.
List of Special Issues
All contributed special issues are dedicated to the subject of International Journal of Health Economics and Policy. The established special issues are to present the main aspects, latest developments, different viewpoints and directions being followed in related fields.

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We are waiting to hear from academic experts, experienced professors and receive their esteemed Special Issues to be listed here. You are warmly welcomed to join as the Lead Guest Editor and propose a special issue for this journal.
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Published Special Issues

Economic and Health Policies for the Smoking Control

(Lead Guest Editor: Fe Fernandez Hernandez )

Submission Deadline: Jan. 15, 2020

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    Special issues are collections of papers on the topics of increasing interest within the discipline of International Journal of Health Economics and Policy. These issues provide a venue for research on emerging areas, highlight important sub-disciplines, or describe new cross-disciplinary applications. It is an effective way to draw attention to specific topics. Experienced researchers and practitioners are welcome to join us as the lead guest editor. Working with us as the lead guest editor of your proposed special issue, you are entitled to:

    Benefits of the Lead Guest Editor

    ● Certificate of Honor (electronic version).

    ● Hard copy of the special issue (if need).

    ● Great chance to be Editor-in-Chief of the Journal.

    ● Keep up with frontiers.

    ● Cooperate with experienced researchers from all over the world.

    Responsibilities of the Lead Guest Editor

    ● Recruite an editorial team (at least 6 guest editors) to review the manuscripts submitted to the special issue.

    ● Promote your special issue and invite authors to submit manuscripts.

    ● Make decisions on the acceptance or rejection of submitted manuscripts.

    ● Cross-check the manuscripts and ensure their quality.

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    There are two options as follows. You can choose one to propose your special issue.

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    If you would like to propose a special issue for this journal and be the Lead Guest Editor, please check and fill the Proposal Form and send to review_specialissue@sciencepg.com

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    A Special Issue Proposal Should Include the Following 7 Parts:

    ● Journal Title (The journal inside which you want to publish your Special Issue).

    ● special issue title.

    ● Lead Guest Editor information.

    ● At least 6 Guest Editors information.

    ● Submission Deadline.

    ● Description: A 150-400 words introduction about your special issue.

    ● Aims and Scope of your special issue.

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    Guest Editors also play a significant role in a special issue. They are responsible for maintaining the quality of published researches and enhancing the impact of special issue. If you would like to be a Guest Editor or recommend colleagues as Guest Editors in one of the journal’s special issues, please fill out the Guest Editor application here:

    Benefits of the Guest Editor

    ● Certificate of Honor (electronic version).

    ● Keep up with the frontiers.

    ● Become part of the academic community.

    ● Enhance personal academic influence and enrich your resume.

  • Article Processing Charge (APC)

    Please note that all papers accepted for Special Issues are subject to an article processing charge (APC) if the manuscript is accepted for publication. The APCs are the same with the corresponding journal in which the Special Issue is published.

    How Much Does Science Publishing Group Charge for the Journal?

    International Journal of Health Economics and Policy is an Open Access journal accessible for free on the Internet. With Open Access, Science Publishing Group allows us to distribute knowledge more widely and at a lower cost than was previously possible. However, to cover the editorial services and production of an article, the journal depends on Article Processing Charges.

    The Article Processing Charge for the journal is 970 USD.

    Journal Title Article Processing Charge
    International Journal of Health Economics and Policy 970 USD

    Article Processing Charge discounts or waivers are given to authors from low-income countries or lower-middle-income countries (classified by the world bank, learn more, click:
    For more details, please contact with the editor directly once the manuscript is accepted.

    If you don’t want your paper to be published in this Journal, the following journals are also for your reference:

    Recommended Journals Article Processing Charge for Authors
    from High Income Countries
    Article Processing Charge for Authors
    from Upper Middle Income Countries
    Science Journal of Public Health 1170 USD 1170 USD
    Journal of Surgery 970 USD 970 USD
    World Journal of Public Health 970 USD 970 USD
    Central African Journal of Public Health 870 USD 870 USD
    European Journal of Preventive Medicine 870 USD 870 USD
    Journal of Cancer Treatment and Research 870 USD 870 USD
    International Journal of Immunology 770 USD 770 USD
    Biomedical Sciences 770 USD 770 USD
    Asia-Pacific Journal of Health Science 370 USD 370 USD
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